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Polish Smog Alarm

Polish Smog Alert is a countrywide, umbrella initiative bringing together various clean air movements and organisations active in different regions of Poland. We work to improve air quality in our country and to make it compliant with Polish and European regulations. We focus on promoting necessary regulatory reforms and financial instruments, raising public awareness and securing sufficient access to information on air quality. Most of all, we want to breath the air that is safe for our life and health.

Małopolska Region

Małopolska Region here the battle for clean air has started. Małopolska was the first region in Poland to launch determined actions to improve air quality at the local level. It undertakes a number of initiatives aimed at improving air quality, including Anti-Smog Resolutions for Krakow and the whole region. Małopolska Region and 61 collaborative partners have been successfully realising LIFE Integrated Project “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere”.


Smogathon is a global competition for smog-fighting ideas. Started as a local hackathon aimed at air pollution over two years ago, in 2017 is a major competition for solutions aimed at solving problem of smog. This year Smogathons semifinals are hold in 5 locations across the globe: Berkeley, London, Warsaw, Beijing and Bangalore. During the finals in Krakow participants would fight for 100 000 $ prize.

Krakow Region Malopolska