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Krakow has been chosen as the venue of the Global Clean Air Summit for a reason. It is the first city in Poland that decided to take decisive anti smog measures.

The event will be held in the prestigious ICE Krakow Congress Centre.


Because of its history Krakow’s centre is pretty compact and most of the interesting sights are within the walking distance.

Getting to the ICE Krakow Congress Centre

An average price of taxi service is around PLN 1.80 (EUR 0.4) per kilometer.

Public transport
Our venue is very well-connected with the whole city. The name of the nearest tram and bus stop is “Centrum Kongresowe ICE”. A public transport ticket costs PLN 3.80 (EUR 0.9) and can be purchased in the vending machine on selected stops or inside the vehicle.

Airport transfers

Krakow’s Airport is located pretty close to the city center and operates flights to most of major European cities. For flight connections from other continents you might use the Warsaw Airport.
Due to air quality reasons we recommend using public transport for transfers.

The fastest way to get to Krakow’s Main Railway Station. Runs every 30 minutes and takes you to the city center within 18 minutes. You can buy a ticket at the platform or directly in the train for PLN 9 (around EUR 2).

Using an official Airport taxi service would cost you around PLN 50-70 PLN (EUR 12-16) for a ride to Krakow’s centre.

The cheapest, but also the slowest option. For a ticket of PLN 4 (EUR 1) it takes you around 40 minutes to get to the city centre.

End of November in Krakow can be already quite cold, with the average daily temperature only reaching 3°C. Do not be surprised by heavy wind or minor snowfalls.